Course Description

Learn about the search engines & what discoverability means in this context. Learn how to dramatically increase the chances of your project getting found online through semantic search engine optimization (SSEO) and other tactics and how to tap into the power of language and data provided by online search tools.

All prices are in USD & include GST. Half of the profits from this course will be donated to the National Screen Institute - Canada (NSI).

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Webinar 3 - Introduction

  • 2

    About Search & Discoverability

    • Webinar 3 - About Search (Engines)

    • Webinar 3 - About Discoverability

  • 3

    How to be Search & Discovery Friendly

    • Webinar 3 - How to Be Search & Discovery Friendly

  • 4

    Keyword Research 101

    • Webinar 3 - Keyword Research 101

    • Webinar 3 - Keyword Research Exercise (Beginner)

    • Webinar 3 - Keyword Research Exercise (Intermediate)

  • 5

    Wrap Up

    • Webinar 3 - Wrap Up & Thank You

Storypreneur & Mentor

Annelise Larson

Annelise comes from a background as an independent film producer, with training at such prestigious institutions as UBC, the Canadian Film Centre and Banff Centre for the Arts. Since 1995 she has been working in the field of online marketing and is an avid gamer and consumer of digital content. She works extensively with government organizations, educational institutions, creative industry associations and media production companies in North America & Europe. Her focus is helping creatives and storytellers use the digital opportunity to define, find, attract and engage their audiences and work toward strategic and sustainable business models. Her podcast STORY+AUDIENCE with Jill Golick can be found on all major podcasting platforms.
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